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Buy More Save More Costco Coupon on Clothing Just Got Better!

Costco Coupon on Clothing

It’s no secret we’re big fans of the Buy More Save More Online Costco Coupon on clothing…and right now Costco has an even better online coupon offer!! The regular online clothing coupon at Costco.com offers buy 5, save $20 and buy 10, save $50 – but right now you can buy 5 and save $25 or buy 10 and save $60!

Below find our favorite Costco Clothing blogger Stephanie from @CostcoCasual wearing a few items we’re loving right now! Plus our posts of the shearling slippers and shearling booties both of which shake out to $20 each if you buy 5 items. Scroll down to check out these Fall looks and take advantage of the increased offer!!


ProTip: We’ve seen this clothing offer in the past – it generally pops up a few times a year and it’s gone quickly! Costco doesn’t publish an expiration date, nor do they advertise it! It’s all part of the Costco Treasure Hunt….now, the original offer is still a super deal…but if you can save more….then save more!!

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We think this increased coupon savings is a great opportunity to stock up, or make some savvy purchases for an adopt-a-family or charity!! We often find great clothing clearance items that can be stacked with the coupon!

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How to Use the Costco Online Clothing Coupon

One of our fave parts of using the Buy More Save More coupon online at Costco is that there’s no changing Costco promo code or coupon code to search for or fuss with and figure out how to enter – just add 5 (or 10) qualifying items to your Costco shopping cart and the Buy More Save More Costco coupon on clothing will automatically take the savings (in this case, $25 or $60) off your order!

No coupon code to enter!

Costco Coupon On Clothing

Look for this coupon on each item you want to buy, if you see it below the item description then it’s eligible for the coupon. Most clothing and shoes qualify, but occasionally some are excluded. Double check before adding items to your cart to ensure the coupon code auto applies to your cart at checkout!

Buy More Save More Costco Coupon on Clothing Just Got Better! - CostContessa
Buy More Save More Coupon Online at Costco.com Has Increased! Save even more right now!

Brands Available at Costco.com

There are tons of great clothing for women, men and kids. Among the brands available online at Costco, include Costco brand clothing (aka Kirkland Signature) famous for their Kirkland logo hoodies and tees as well as their shearling boots. You’ll also find Well Worn (see video below), 32 Degrees, Banana Republic, Adidas, Pendleton, Levi’s, Eddie Bauer, IZOD, Hurley, Under Armor, and more!

Costco kids clothes in particular are the best! Their Adidas tracksuits and short sets are a super bargain! Also fleeces and lightweight winter jackets are a super deal!

Kirkland Signature Shearling Booties at Costco

These shake out to $20 a pair when you buy 5 items!

These Kirkland Signature Women’s Shearling Booties are Included on the Buy More Save More Costco clothing Coupon Offer!

Jona Michelle Holiday Dresses

Most of these Jona Michelle holiday dresses shake out to $17 each when you buy 5!

Well Worn Apparel from Costco.com

Lots of new fall styles from Well Worn are available under the Costco Buy More Save More Coupon!

Costco Fashion Looks by Stephanie from @CostcoCasual – From Well Worn

Fall & Winter Sweaters from Costco

Check out all these Fall & Winter sweaters Stephanie ordered from Costco.com!

Kirkland Signature Hoodies

Costco fan favorite. These are thick, heavyweight – great for cold climates! The jokes on wearing Costco brand clothes (or really any clothes from Costco) are endless lol – but the Kirkland Signature brand is one of the best Costco clothes options in terms of quality, durability and pricing!

Cozy Shirts from Costco

These tops are so soft, and come in so many colors and patterns! Stephanie bought them all so you don’t have to 😉

Business Casual Workwear Fashion Looks from Costco

Kirkland Signature Shearling Slippers

I was able to grab these on clearance in my store – but using the coupon online they’d only be $3 more so these are definitely a buy from me!! I would qualify them as a “slip on” which can be worn around the house a slipper – or anywhere else – the sold is very thick and sturdy, definitely not limited to indoor use only on this one!

What are the best costco clothes you’ve found? Did you use this Costco coupon on clothing for a recent order? What were your favorite deals!? Share your favorites with us in the comments! We love hearing recommendations (and warnings!)….

Costco Coupon on Clothing
Costco Coupon on Clothing – Save even more right now with this special deal offer – online only!

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Does Costco offer coupons for existing members?

Costco Coupon on Clothing

Costco does not offer coupons or discounts on membership fees, but there are regularly coupon offers for members beyond the monthly coupon booklet, including an online clothing coupon, seasonal online toy coupons as well as periodic beauty and home purchase coupon offers.

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