These Costco Birthday Cake Dessert Cups are adorable! Italian La Vie Gourmand vanilla cake dessert jars are just too fun! Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, brunch or Saturday night at home fun movie night…each of these single serving little glass jars is layered with cake and sprinkles and frosting – these are going to be a hit!

These individually packaged cake jars are also a great solution to a covid-era birthday party! As summer sets in, small gatherings are starting up and birthday parties and back…some people don’t quite feel comfortable with shared food yet so individually packaged is a great solution!

Especially when it comes to the one item that someone inhales and blows candles out on…lets be real…kids (especially little kids) can sometimes share more than a big breath of air in their attempt to blow out all the birthday cake candles in one breath, lol! Single serve birthday cake jars are the perfect solution, plus they are a great presentation!

Birthday Cake Nutritional Panel & Ingredients


What We Love About These Costco Birthday Cake Dessert Cups:

  • Presentation – these birthday cake glass layered jars are adorable and can be styled to make a great dessert table
  • Glass Jars Instead of Plastic – we love that these are a packaged in glass for a more sustainable, recyclable packaging
  • Individual Servings – some days we feel like Covid is gone, but it’s not…and these will be a good party birthday cake alternative for some families this summer
  • Price Point – these shake out to two bucks each which is very reasonable!

Have you tried these La Vie Gourmand Birthday Cake Jars at Costco? We want to hear what you think! Drop us your thoughts on them in the comments!

Costco Item Number and Price

La Vie Gourmand Birthday Cake (6) 2.3 Oz – Costco Item Number 1532696 and Costs $11.99, or $2 each.

These are not currently available on See here for cake options available online at Costco. You can find more information about the La Vie Gourmand Italian Vanilla Birthday Cake Jars from the Manufacturer here.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

We’re loving the migration away from plastic! Just have to say it again! We saw it with the Lemon Cheesecakes and the Chocolate Souffles recently – we’re a fan of glass over plastic! Thank you to Costco and La Vie Gourmand – glass is an A+ in our book, we love it and keep it coming!

Fun Fact: Did you know glass is ENDLESSLY recyclable? No matter how many times we recycle it, glass doesn’t lose its purity, so make sure you reuse or recycle the glass jars if you buy these Costco Birthday Cake Dessert Cups!