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Costco And Barton 1792 Announce Kirkland Signature Kentucky Bourbon

Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery Kentucky Bourbon

Any Kentucky Bourbon fans out there? Well it takes no introduction to Barton 1792 Distillery…and we’re not even guessing they are making the Bourbon…they are on the label, it’s official. Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery have formalized a partnership to produce 3 limited run Kentucky Bourbon Whiskeys for the Kirkland Signature brand this Spring. We love Costco for their quality and value and this is no exception, it’s perhaps the definition of it!

Keep your eye out for these three gems coming out from Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery made exclusively for Kirkland Signature:

Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery Partner on Limited Edition Kentucky Bourbon Line Exclusively for Kirkland Signature (Photo: Costco)

UPDATE: Barton Small Batch Bourbon for Kirkland has been reported to us as purchased in Waltham, MA, Miami, FL, Chicago, IL, Monterey Park, CA, and Marina del Rey, CA.

Have you found any of the Barton 1972 Bourbons for Kirkland at your Costco? Which bottle, which store and how much was it? We want to know so we can find it too! Please drop us a note in the comments!


First up will be the Small Batch (92 proof) starting in June, followed by a Bottled-in-Bond (100 proof), and a Single Barrel (120 proof). All are limited quantities and will be available at select locations. We don’t know pricing, who, what or where…so starting June 1 be on the lookout in-store at Costco! Read more about them in the Costco Connection Magazine.

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It takes a village to get a deal on a good Kentucky bourbon, if you see the Costco and Barton 1792 Bourbons in-store, please let us know which one you saw, and where! Comment below and contact us via social media! We we want to know! Please and Thank you!

Spotted Kirkland Barton Bourbons:

Kirkland Signature by Barton 1792 Distillery Costco Item Number & Pricing

Kirkland Signature Small Batch Bourbon Kentucky 1L is Costco Item Number 1472217 and costs $18.99 per bottle.

Kirkland Signature Bottled-In-Bond 1L is $23.99 and the Single Barrel is $30.99.

A Little About Barton 1792

Barton 1792 Distillery was established in 1879 and continues today as the oldest fully-operating Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. Situated in heart of bourbon country on 196 acres, the Distillery boasts 29 barrel aging warehouses, 22 other buildings including an impressive still house, and the legendary Tom Moore Spring. Named 1792 in honor of the year Kentucky joined the United States.


How much does the Kirkland Signature Bourbon from Barton 1792 Distillery cost?

Kirkland Signature by Barton Distillery Bottled-in-Bond Whiskey Bourbon

Barton 1792 makes 3 bottles of Bourbon for Kirkland Signature including a Small Batch Bourbon which costs $18.99, Bottled-In-Bond which costs $23.99 and a Single Barrel which is $30.99.

What Bourbon does Costco carry?

Costco and Barton 1792 Distillery Kentucky Bourbon

Costco carries a variety of Bourbon including Woodford Reserve, Angel’s Envy, Bulleit Bourbon, Kirkland Signature (multiple varieties), Maker’s Mark and more.

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  1. I found the “Bottled in Bond” at Costco Lakeside located in Shelby Twp. Michigan. Price was $36.99 for a Liter. Michigan liquor taxes are ridiculous.

      1. Checked with Costco. Single barrel is not out yet. It is not even in their system.
        The rep is a aware of it since lot of people have been asking. He says it is coming soon maybe late Sep/Oct after the bottle in bond is depleted.

        1. It appears it’s been released in some stores already based on social media posts…I’ve see it tagged in Plainfield, IL and I think another reader commented it was purchased in Washington DC. I’m in SoCal and we haven’t seen it yet here.

  2. Small Batch was $19.99 + tax and the Eagan, Minnesota Costco on 8/22/21. I didn’t see and Single Barrel or BiB.

  3. Kirkland small batch 1792 in Mobile Alabama for 29.99. A cube of ice and it hit the spot this evening, however, it was a wicked day so my review may be brown water biased…..

    1. I bought this at the Costco in Mobile, also last week. I absolutely love it, and take it neat. It was $29.99 ($32 with tax).

      1. The Barton Kirkland Small Batch is available
        In Indianapolis for $18.99 for 1L, bought some tonight.

  4. Found the Small Batch bourbon in Grand Rapids at $27.99 liter bottle. Not sure how long it was aged. Seems young to me and not like 1792 which I enjoy.

  5. My wife picked up the Barton Distillery Kirkland Small Batch here in Roseville, CA today. It was $19.99 for 1.0L bottle.

  6. The Small Batch dropped in our stores last week. $18.99. I was pretty excited to see what they were offering under the private label. I was a bit disappointed in the Small Batch. Did not find it as pleasing as I was expecting from Barton. Even tried it with a splash of water to see if that sweetened it up a bit. It didn’t. At least not for us. This will definitely be used with a mixer. I’m still looking forward to purchasing the other two when they hit the stores, though. I’m a huge 1792 fan, so you can understand my excitement.

  7. Hello fellow members,
    Just purchased a bottle of Small Batch today at the Monterey Park, CA location. $18.99.

  8. I found the small batch Bourbon in the Waltham, MA location this week and it was at the $19.99 price for the one liter bottle. I tried it last night and it’s very good, much better than than the previous Kirkland Bourbon. Hurry up to get some, it’s likely to go fast.

    1. I procured the new Kirkland small batch bourbon . It definitely is on the thin side, but it is smooth and the vanilla and Carmel is quite noticeable on the palate. I would buy this all day long. For reference my core bourbons are old Forrester 1920, Russell reserve, knob creek 12 year.

  9. Just picked up the Kirkland Small Batch for $19.99 at a Costco in Miami. Great price and great bourbon.

    1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve been checking all my stores and haven’t found it yet! This gives me new hope – I’m going to go look tomorrow!

      1. Did not find single bottle of any of the Barton whisky at thanksgiving at Verona,Wisconsin location which had carried some thought it was supply chain issue,how about this Xmas season?

        1. I haven’t seen it again at my store (Marina del Rey) but I’ll post it on Instagram and update this post if I see it again!

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