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Caramel Flan at Costco Bakery

Caramel Flan at Costco

Costco is known for its beloved seasonal bakery and dessert items and right now at Costco you can find a HUGE 3 pound Caramel Flan in refrigerated cases in the bakery department. If you’ve never tried flan, I would describe it as a cross between egg custard and cheesecake — it’s rich, creamy, moist and delicious! This was very popular last year, and it’s the same price this year as last – another popular housemade Kirkland Signature holiday favorite that didn’t get a price hike this year!

The Kirkland Signature Caramel Flan, also known as Flan De Queso, is a 48-ounce (approximately 3 pounds) dessert made fresh in each local Costco warehouse. It is a traditional sweet treat that combines the richness of cream cheese with the smoothness of flan. I prefer to buy flan myself, I don’t think my homemade tastes any better (admittedly, I’ve only tried to make it a few times, so if you have a great recipe to make it at home please drop it in the comments and share!).

Caramel Flan at Costco
Caramel Flan at Costco (image credit: CostContessa)

PRO TIP: Be careful transporting this home – there is liquid in the container, and if it tips it will leak! Place inside a bag or box if you can 🙂


This flan de queso has a smooth and creamy texture and comes with plenty of sauce around it to keep it super moist. Note cream cheese in the ingredients which adds a distinctive creamy richness.

The ingredients list in Costco’s Caramel Flan is pretty clean and simple and includes traditional ingredients you can pronounce (and woud probably use if you made it at home) like eggs, sweetened condensed milk (made with pasteurized milk and sugar), whole milk (pasteurized with Vitamin D), sugar, cream cheese (comprising pasteurized milk and cream, cheese culture, salt, and carob bean gum), honey, and a blend of natural and artificial flavors including vanilla.

Allergen warnings include milk and egg. Costco members with food allergies or sensitivities should read the actual packaging in your local Costco as these can vary by location.

Costco Price and Item Number

Kirkland Signature Caramel Flan de Queso, 48 oz, is Costco item number 37463 and costs $14.99.

CostContessa on YouTube – New Costco Find – Caramel Flan at Costco

History of Flan

The origins of flan date back to ancient Europe. The Spaniards brought it to the America’s and the recipe evolved as a popular sweet treat in Mexico. It continues to be a very popular dessert today in Mexico, and around the world.


The Caramel Flan from Costco’s bakery section is a sizable dessert option for $14.99 and a great alternative to cheesecake- ideal for those who enjoy creamy, cheesebased sweet treats. It’s made fresh in each local Costco bakery using a fairly traditional recipe. We recommend adding the Caramel Flan to your Christmas dessert spread to mix things up!

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