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New Costco Squishmallows 10,000 Piece Sticker and Craft Train Case

new costco squishmallows

Now in-store in the seasonal holiday toy and gift section! Costco is now carrying this 10,000 piece Squishmallows sticker kit that includes a reusable mini train case, a pencil pouch, travel, journal, sticker collector album, sticker sheets, and more. The All About Squish art kits are also back in stores for the holidays, plus we spotted 4 new Costco Squishmallows last week!

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Squishmallows from Costco are the BEST DEAL! You can find Squish many places but the prices at Costco are unbeatable. The selection is more limited, and timing is key…but you can save soooo much money buying your holiday Squishmallows gifts at Costco – they do come and go, and so you need to grab items while they have them…

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Price Tip: We don’t see Costco Squishmallows products go on sale often, so we don’t expect there will be further cost savings on this set.

New Costco Squishmallows 10,000 Piece Sticker and Craft Train Case - CostContessa

Why We Love It

This is an awesome new Costco Squishmallows mega set of squish art supplies – and we LOVE that it comes in its own adorable storage case! We think is a great art kit and travel journal option to take along for Spring Break, summer road trips or travel or just to Grandma’s house to keep the kids busy and off screens. 

The recommended age is 6+ though from the look of the kit, we think any child who is age appropriate for pens and stickers will really enjoy this kit, including adults! Just don’t give your toddler this pack in the backseat of your leased vehicle you know 😉

This Squishmallows art set weighs over 4 pounds, and comes in its own storage case. This is also a great gift for any Squishmallows fan or collector, and is a terrific value.

New Costco Squishmallows 10,000 Piece Sticker and Craft Train Case - CostContessa
10,000 piece new Squishmallows Kit at Costco includes pencil case, travel journal, sticker album and more!

Update on New Costco Squishmallows

We just spotted 4 New Costco Squishmallows in store! – be sure to follow us on social media that’ll be the first spot we report new Squishmallows at Costco! We’re hoping to see another batch before the holidays, but we never know in advance…

Costco Price and Item Number

Squishmallows Ultimate On the Go Sticker Set is now in store at Costco warehouses! And you can save $10 if you grab in in-store – this Costco Squishmallows mega sticker is $29.99 and you’ll find it in the holiday toy section of Costco!

Squishmallows Ultimate On The Go Sticker Set is Costco item number 1662159 and costs $39.99 online at costco.com and includes shipping and handling.

You can also order this mega Squishmallows sticker set from Costco Same Day delivery service (via Instacart) for about $35.

If you can’t find this Squishmallows sticker set any longer, check this ultimate Squishmallows sticker set is pretty comparable.

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