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Discount Roblox Robux at Costco In-Store

Robux at Costco

YES! You can score discount Roblox Robux at Costco in-store! If you are a gamer, have one in your house or life…then you know! Roblox is a global gaming platform that has quickly taken over in popularity (at least at my kids’ school)…and of course it’s “free” to play except it’s not…kids want to buy upgrades and VIP status and all sorts of other things inside the game, which uses it’s own house currency…ROBUX! And you can grab discount Robux at Costco by purchasing pre-paid discount gift cards. Roblox, Robux, Roblux…say that three times fast!

Each pack of gift cards for Roblox from Costco comes with a free virtual item as well.


Great Gift for Roblox Players

The Robux Roblox gift cards at Costco are a great gift, and you can purchase them online or in-store. They are sold in 4-packs of $25 gift cards – or $100 in face value gift cards – but they only cost $89.99 which is a 10% discount on Robux when you shop at Costco! Yes, you can purchase the digital Robux cards anywhere (Amazon, Target, etc.) but only Costco Members can buy them for 10% below face value!

I always keep a few Roblox cards on hand and use them whenever I’ve forgotten to buy a birthday gift for a party – Roblox is beloved by both boys and girls so it’s a good general all around crowd pleaser. And Roblox game cards are the best deal at Costco.

Discount Robux at Costco are Easy to Use

They are super easy to use, kids can use them just like they would a credit card – actually it’s easier than a credit card in my opinion – they enter the card number into the game, and the can use their Robux right then!

Roblox Robux Costco Item Number & Price

Roblox 4 x $25 Gift Cards costs $89.99 in-store or you can purchase and download a digital gift card online at Costco.com.

Note: More denominations are available online at Costco in digital cards, but you’ll only find the 4-packs of $25 Robux physical gift cards in Costco warehouses (much better for gifts in my opinion).

Where to Find Roblox Robux Discount Gift Cards In-Store at Costco

You’ll find the Robux discount prepaid gift cards in the TV and Video game department – there is a stand that is out year-round (usually!) with these, as well as Nintendo, Sony, and other video gaming discount gift cards.

Note: during the holidays (from about September thru December), these gift cards are often moved to the center of the store alongside holiday gifts and holiday toys. But they are generally available year round in the electronics department.

FAQs on Robux at Costco

Do they sell Robux at Costco?

Robux at Costco

Yes, Costco sells discounted Robux. You can find Roblox Robux gift cards at Costco, sold 10% below face value. They are in-store and online, and sold year-round.

How much are Robux from Costco?

Robux at Costco

Costco sells discounted Robux gift cards. When you purchase 4 $25 gift cards ($100) you’ll pay $89.99 – that’s a 10% discount on Roblox Robux gift cards for Costco Members.

Can you buy Roblox Robux in-store at Costco?

Robux at Costco

Yes, you can purchase discounted Roblox Robux gift cards in-store at Costco – find them in the electronics department alongside the Sony, Nintendo and other video gaming consoles and cards.

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