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4 New Costco Squishmallows May 2023

New Costco Squishmallows May 2023

New Costco Squishmallows May 2023 Find!! There are 4 new Costco Squishmallows in-store right now! We found Clay, Khaled, Grant and Unai this week! Costco Squish are the BEST price, and these are 16″ Mallow’s for $12.99 each!

My kids have several of the Costco Squishmallows – they’re the absolute best price around! I really like Khaled in this batch – lots of details and shiny fabric – but they’re all adorable as usual!


New Squishmallows at Costco – May 2023

  1. Clay – Pink Pig
  2. Khaled – Green Snake
  3. Grant – Brown Goat
  4. Unai – Purple Tie Dye Galaxy Mushroom
New Costco Squishmallows - Clay the Pink Pig - May 2023
Clay the Pig – 1 of 4 new $12.99 Squish at Costco Spring 2023

Clay the Pink Pig

S16 #1783

SQUISHDATE 05.05.2022

Clay has been participating in the beauty pageant circuit as long as she can remember.
Last year, Clay was crowned Little Miss County and went on to compete at all-star regionals!

Judges can’t get enough of Clay’s folky voice and mellow banjo when she performs for the talent round.

New May 2023 Squishmallows at Costco - Khaled - Green Cobra Snake
16″ Cobra Snake Khaled – New Mallows’ Found at Costco May 2023

Khaled the Green Shiny Cobra Snake

S16 #937

SQUISHDATE 04.15.2021

You know you’re in awe of Khaled’s sparkly, smooth appearance! Khaled is one laid back Mallow and would spend all day basking in the sun if he could. Say hello, he just might invite you to play frisbee in the park or go for a dip in the pool.

Grant the Brown Billy Goat - New Squish at Costco - 2023
Grant the Goat – New Squish at Costco – Spring 2023

Grant the Brown Goat

S16 #323

SQUISHDATE: 09.24.2019

This gutsy goat has one dream: to become a soccer player! He plays soccer with his friends at the park, at school, and at home with his friends. After they win, he celebrates with his favorite, a chocolate swirl ice cream cone.

New Galaxy Mushroom Squishmallows at Costco - Spring 2023 - Unai Purple and Blue Tie Dyed
New Costco Squishmallows Find – 16″ Unai Galaxy Mushroom Squish – May 2023

Unai the Purple Galaxy Mushroom

S16 #1774

SQUISHDATE 04.28.2022

Unai teaches meditation and is known for their cozy techniques. A fluffy cushion and warm shawl help them feel the most recharged after each practice. Unai also believes in the healing power of naps, and even wrote a book about it! Where’s your fave spot for a quick nap?

Costco Price and Item Number

Squishmallows 16″ plush is Costco Item Number 953258 and cost $12.99 each in-store at your local Costco warehouse. Squishmallows are generally restocked a few times before a

New Costco Squishmallows Online Ordering Options

Currently, none of these four new Costco Squishmallows May 2023 are available online at Costco.com. You can click here to see the Squishmallows available to order from Costco.com.

New Costco Squishmallows May 2023

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Costco Squishmallows May 2023
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