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Update: Four MORE New 2022 Costco Squishmallows!

More New Costco Squishmallows

Last week we found four new squishmallows at Costco and this week we found four MORE new ones – wow that makes 8 new Squishmallows inthe last two weeks! You can find the first new set of 4 new Squish here. This new set of four is also 16 inch 2022 Costco Squishmallows and they come in Chanel the Cinnamon Bun, Bergit the Boba, Corinna the Tabby Cat, and Chelsea the Cheetah.

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Not that anyone asked me….but I have a friend named Chanel, and when I saw Chanel Squish I thought she was a cup of hot cocoa…and I thought how clever like Cocoa Chanel, right? She’s a cinnamon bun, which is also cute….but I”m just saying that I think Cocoa Chanel was a winner…maybe sometime in the future I’ll be consulted on names lol!! kidding.

Anyway! Here are the new Squishmallows I found at Costco this week! They are $13.99 each – super deal on Squishmallows – as always at Costco! Currently neither this set or the prior one is online yet at Costco.com. We’d expect they will be at some point, but haven’t seen them yet!

4 New Costco Squishmallows at Costco
4 MORE New Costco Squishmallows at Costco

2022 Costco Squishmallows [set 2]

Chanel The Cinnamon Bun is sweet with a swirl of frosting!

Update: Four MORE New 2022 Costco Squishmallows! - CostContessa
Chanel the Cinnamon Roll Now at Costco

Bergit The Boba is a bright and colorful pink and yellow boba bubble tea!

Update: Four MORE New 2022 Costco Squishmallows! - CostContessa
Bergit the Boba – New Squishmallows In-Store Now!

Corinna the Tabby Cat has a furry tie dye belly and she loves adventures!

More New Squishmallows at Costco - Tabby Cat Corinna

Chelsea the Cheetah is bright and colorful, and she’s winking at YOU!

Chelsea the Cheetah 16" Squishmallows at Costco - Spring 2022
Chelsea the Cheetah New 16″ Squishmallows at Costco

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Which one of this new batch of Costco Squish is your favorite? Do you have any of them yet? Which ones? We’d love to hear in the comments! Leave us a note below! Happy Squish Hunting!

If you’re new to Squishmallows and wondering what it’s all about…check out these posts…and definitely check them out in-store at Costco or order one online at Costco.com…these giant, super soft squishie plush toys come in a huge variety of characters…but more than how cute they are…so are SUPER SOFT!

Kids of all ages from babies to toddlers to teens love these. They’re a great gift idea for any kiddo, toddler or teenager you aren’t sure what to buy…they can squeeze into the gap between the seat and window in a car or airplane and serve as a pillow, they are huggably soft…also great for kids with sensory needs who love to hug onto a giant stuffie, or feel the soft velour or use a pile of them as a crash pad!

More New Costco Squishmallows
More New Costco Squishmallows

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