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$280 Portable EV Charger at Costco!

EV Charger at Costco

If you’re in the market for a quality portable EV charger for the best price, check out the incredibly affordable AxFAST EV Charger at Costco! It offers the flexibility of using a standard 120v outlet or a 240v outlet, and this portable EV charger from Costco fits easily in the trunk and can be used anywhere plugs are available!

AxFAST Portable Electric Vehicle Charger

Accell AxFAST Level 2 Portable Electric Vehicle Charger is Costco Item Number 1339925 and costs $279.99 online at costco.com.


ProTip: You can actually order this Accell AxFast EV charger here on Amazon for the same price as Costco here!

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This EV Charging set includes a 24.6 foot charging cable and two adapters (NEMA 5-15 and NEMA 10-30) plus it is waterproof for outdoor use.

ProTip: Although this charger is designed for portability, it may also be installed permanently and mounted on a wall using the included drywall anchors.

$280 Portable EV Charger at Costco! - CostContessa

Why We Like It

It’s no secret gas prices are very expensive now, even at Costco Gasoline, and we really appreciate tools that make driving an EV more convenient and accessible for everyone!

The AxFAST EVSE can run on both a standard 120v outlet and a 240v by swapping out the adapters. Since 120v is the universal standard in the US, if you need to use a portable charger on-the-go, you’re likely going to need to plug into a standard 120v. Since it works on both, when 240v is available you’ll be able to charge faster but you won’t be without a charge option.

$280 Portable EV Charger at Costco! - CostContessa
$280 Portable EV Charger at Costco! - CostContessa

Additionally, if you are renting a home or apartment and your landlord is not willing to install a 240v out in or install an EV charging station, you may be limited to 120v charging at home as well. Standard home EV chargers run on 240v but they must be professionally wired and installed, and running 240v power can be very expensive (depends where you live, and how far you need to run the power from the box).

For reference, we recently wired a 240v outlet for our dual fuel range in our kitchen, and the electricians charge alone was over $50 per linear foot from the power box to the the outlet location. Plus the actual outlet. And, you may need to upgrade the panel, add a separate circuit, or who knows what else….I’m just saying, it’s not cheap…and a 120v ev charging option is great to have!

ProTip: Most household dryer outlets are 240v, and if your dryer is in your garage you might just be in luck to reduce the cost of installing a permanent 240v charging station at home! Be sure to consult a licensed electrician on installation.

Costco Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Costco Carries Both Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and Portable Chargers

EV Compatibility

The AxFAST EVSE portable EV charger will work with any Electric Vehicle that uses a SAE J1772 Charger. This includes (but is not limited to) all Tesla models, Nissan Leaf/Leaf Plus, Chevrolet Volt and Bolt, Toyota Prius Prime, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Ioniq, Hyundai Kona, Volkswagen e-Golf, Audi E-Tron, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Jaguar I-Pace, Chrysler Pacifica, Kia Soul and Nira.

EV Charger at Costco
Portable EV Charger at Costco Uses Either 120v or 240v

What is a Portable Electric Vehicle Charger?

It’s pretty much what it sounds like…a portable EV car charger is essentially a charging cable you can carry with you in case your electric vehicle runs out of charge and you can’t access a public charger. The portable charger is compact, and can easily fit inside your vehicle. It can be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Do I Need a Portable Charger?

We think it probably depends a lot on where you live. In some areas there is significantly more or less public charging. If you live in an area that’s still sparse on public charging, a portable EV charger may give you more peace of mind as you venture out with your electric car and discover all the charging options you have in your area. For city dwellers in regions with many public charging options, it’s probably not really necessary….but may still be added peace of mind!

Do you have an EV? Which vehicle charging station do you have? Do you run 120 or 240? We know all our readers will want to hear all the tips and reviews!

Also, if you purchased your EV from the Costco Auto Program, we’d LOVE to hear about it! Please drop a note in the comments, we’d love to know which one, and if you were happy with the pricing and experience! If you have any tips on buying a car through Costco please share! We’re all ears!


Does Costco sell EV Chargers?

Costco Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Yes, Costco sells EV Chargers. Costco offers multiple options online at Costco.com including portable charging stations for permanent installation.

Can I charge an EV on a 120v outlet?

EV Charger at Costco

Yes, you can purchase EV battery chargers that will run on 120 volt power (like this one!). The standard home EV Charging station runs on 240v but rest assured, 120v chargers are readily available – and they’re cheaper!

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