Costco Siggis Yogurt – Low Sugar Icelandic Skyr

Costco Siggis Yogurt

New at Costco Siggis Yogurt 12-packs! We’re VERY happy to see Siggi’s simple ingredient skyr at Costco – we buy this yogurt for our family and Costco has the best price! We do love to save money! Siggi’s yogurt is a 2% yogurt, and it has more protein than sugar – this is a RARE find in the yogurt world! Plus each serving of Siggi’s skyr packs a lot of protein and calcium and other great stuff!

Siggi’s is also gluten-free and is made from milk that does not contain rBST. It’s certified kosher (dairy).

Costco Siggis Yogurt
Costco Siggis Yogurt Variety Pack

Yogurt or Icelandic Skyr?

Siggi’s is a super thick icelandic skyr – it’s most comparable to a greek yogurt. We use the term yogurt and skyr sort of interchangeably though technically they aren’t exactly the same thing.

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Greek yogurt is regular yogurt that’s been strained of the whey, which is what makes it milky…so it’s left super thick. Skyr is very similar process to Greek Yogurt, but the bacterial cultures used to make the yogurt are different, and some aspects of technique differ.

The end result is a delicious, thick skyr. For most of us non-aficionados, it’s a pretty straight comparison to Greek Yogurt.

Costco Siggi's Yogurt 12-Pack - Now available in Costco! Under $1 each!

How to enjoy your Siggi’s yogurt?

Add some to your Dragon Fruit Smoothie Bowls: these easy to make nice cream treats can be breakfast, snack or dessert, you choose! We think a little Siggi’s would be great either in the recipes, or just added on top!

Make a yogurt bowl by topping with chocolate chips, granola, sliced almonds, raw honey, coconut shreds or fresh fruit…you make it a dessert or breakfast…

Or just eat by itself! That’s how I usually eat it!

Our new lowfat yogurt now contains 50% less sugar than the leading Greek yogurt!* Skyr is traditionally fat free, but an age-old practice is to throw in a bit of cream when a richer flavor is desired. It’s called rjóma-skyr, or “skyr with cream,” and it’s delicious.


More Protein than Sugar

Each Costco Siggis Yogurt cup has 120 Calories, 3 grams of fat, 8 grams of carbs, 6 grams of sugar and 14 grams of protein. Additionally, each serving of skyr has 15% DV of calcium!

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No rBST
  • Gluten Free
Costco Siggis Yogurt - Low Sugar Icelandic Skyr - CostContessa
Siggi’s Skyr Nutritional Panels for Mixed Berries, Strawberry & Vanilla Yogurts at Costco

We love how low in sugar this yogurt is! I think many people would be shocked to see how much sugar most yogurt has in it…especially the yogurt we give to kids! I’m not going to say its easy to switch kids (and some adults!) to yogurt with such a dramatically lower sugar content, but it’s certainly worth trying it!

Costco Siggis Yogurt - Low Sugar Icelandic Skyr - CostContessa
Siggi’s Yogurt is Gluten-Free and NO rBST.

Each 12 Pack of Costco Siggis Yogurt contains 4 Vanilla yogurt cups, 4 strawberry yogurt cups and 4 mixed berries yogurt cups.

Siggis Costco Item Number and Price

Siggi’s 2% Low Sugar Variety Pack (12) 5.3 oz is Costco Item Number 1550494 and costs $12.99.

Find it in the refrigerated aisle, near yogurts.

Costco Siggis Price Comparison

Siggi’s Yogurt costs $1.79 each at Target. Can find 20% off in cartwheel which takes it down to $1.43 each.

Individual Siggi’s Yogurts costs $1.69 at Whole Foods, and $1.79 via Amazon Fresh

You can find more product information from the manufacturer HERE.

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