Costco Recall on Clio Yogurt Bars

Costco Recall on Clio Greek Yogurt Bars

Per the May 15, 2021 Costco Recall Notification Letter from Clio Snacks, there is a recall on certain boxes of their Yogurt Bars in the Mixed Berry & Peach flavor that were sold at Costco. Not all boxes are affected, and no injuries to date – it’s a voluntary recall – but if you’re concerned and have this product and would like to see if your boxes are affected and what to do, see the Costco recall letter from Clio Snacks posted on here for all the details.

Below is a copy of the Costco recall letter from Clio Snacks. For a better quality copy and a printable version, please refer to the downloadable letter available on Costco’s site, linked above.


Be safe!

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Costco Recall Notification Letter from Clio Snacks
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  1. Have you been able to re-issue the minis in Peach and Raspberry. Sams is now carrying the larger size Strawberry and Vanilla. I would really like the mimis in Pach and Raspberry. Can you tell me where they might be found in my area. My zip code is 75022.

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