5 Easy Travel Costco Beach Picnic Packing Ideas

Costco Beach PIcnic Shopping List

On vacation and headed to the beach? Grab these fan favorites for the perfect Costco beach picnic! You can only eat soggy fries from a snack shack so many times. We love the beach too, and we know how tricky packing a picnic away from home is, and one everyone will eat – plus all that sand – and did we mention all the other stuff you have to pack? Sunblock, towels, chairs, umbrella, sand toys, extra clothes, boogie boards, sun hats…we get it! So we’ve rounded up all our great Costco beach friendly picnic food ideas you can just swing by Costco on your way, grab these and go! Mix and match these Costco beach picnic friendly eats to fit your family’s preferences! Find the closest Costco Warehouse to you here!

Fresh Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. It’s a fan favorite, a crowd pleaser, a home run, all around winner winner chicken dinner…call it what you like…Costco pizza tastes great and is priced right. Grab a pizza en route. You can ask for it to be kiddie cut (or double cut as others call it) so the pieces are extra small, a little easier for kids to eat on the beach! And you don’t lose a whole piece to the sand if it gets dropped.

5 Easy Travel Costco Beach Picnic Packing Ideas - CostContessa
Costco Food Court Pepperoni Pizza

Unfortunately you can’t order pizza ahead…you’ll have to go to the food court and order it…but you can grab the rest of your picnic inside the store while it cooks!

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Street Tacos

Little kids may need some help with these…but everyting you need is in the kit (just grab a plastic fork from the food court)…and we happen to think that tacos anytime, anywhere are A-OK…so if you’re on the same page…consider the Costco Street Taco kits a delicious beach picnic option!

5 Easy Travel Costco Beach Picnic Packing Ideas - CostContessa
Costco Chicken Street Tacos Kit – 12 Count

Costco Chicken Street Tacos are Costco Item Number 11545 and retail for $4.99/lb. Each package typically contains around 2.75 lbs. which runs you around $14.

Fresh Fruit

Cold fruit on a hot day, yes please! Costco carries a wide variety of fresh pre-cut fruit options, there’s something for everyone. Grab some pre-cut fruit for your Costco beach picnic, there are many choices. It’s cold, it’s watery, it’s no prep required and bonus, it’s healthy!

Hippie Organics Fresh Cut Organic Mango is Costco Item Number 122177 and Retails for $8.99 for 2lbs. | costcontessa.com
Hippie Organics Fresh Cut Mango at Costco

Hippie Organics Fresh Cut Organic Mango is Costco Item Number 122177 and Retails for $8.99 for 2lbs.

Sandwich Roll Ups

Cold single serving finger sandwiches are perfect for beach outings and small groups. These little roll ups are good and they are all made, doesn’t get any easier.

5 Easy Travel Costco Beach Picnic Packing Ideas - CostContessa
Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roller Sandwich Tray at Costco

Costco Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roller Sandwich Tray is Costco Item Number 11952 and Retails for $9.99 for 2lbs.

Cheese & Charcuterie Plate

There are a few cheese and charcuterie options at Costco – often you can find combinations that include olives and even crackers. This Italian Charcuterie Platter from oberto has two types of salame, two types of provolone and green olives. Grab a baguette, or don’t. This is healthy, and a great option for all the Keto and Paleo folks out there. And if your beach picnic involves a glass of wine, this is highly recommended!

Italian Cheese and Charcuterie Board from Costco - Salame, Provolone, Olives
Oberto Specialty Meats Italian Charcuterie Italiano Platter at Costco

Oberto Specialty Meats Charcuterie Platter is Costco Number 1392264 and Retails for $10.99 for 12.3oz.

Kettle Chips

Nothing is more essential at the beach than some salty, crunch chips! We are fans of Kettle Chips, but if you’re feeding a whole crew the individually bagged mixture from Lays will be a good option for passing out to a group. Either way, chips are highly recommended on our Costco beach picnic list.

Kettle Chips are an essential Beach Picnic Snack!
Kettle Chips with Himalayan Salt – highly recommended on our Costco Beach Picnic List

Cold Salad

Healthy and fresh and easy to grab and go…there are loads of choices that include all the fixins and dressing! For the a Costco beach picnic, we suggest picking salads that come in a clamshell (no pun intended lol!) versus a bag…but we’re certainly not above eating right out of the bag!

Organic Bistro Salads Like This Deluxe Santa Fe Style Salad are Perfect For Grabbing On the Way to the Beach or Tide Pools for a Beachside Picnic!

What are you planning to add to your Costco beach picnic list? We’d love to know so we can add it to our list!

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