As inventory of the Coronavirus vaccine ramps up, many private pharmacies and medical practices are beginning to carry and offer vaccinations. Costco has announced that is has begun to participate in the program and offer the Covid-19 vaccine at Costco Pharmacy. I’ve rounded up all the info you need to know about Costco Covid-19 Vaccines. Currently the store list is short, but we expect it will continue to grow – so even if your state isn’t listed as of the date of this post, you might go ahead and check using the link below to see if your State or local store just started offering the vaccine. Covid-19 Vaccine at Costco appointment info, details and FAQs below!

Does Costco Pharmacy offer the Covid-19 Vaccine? How do I book an appointment?

Yes, Costco has begun offering Covid-19 Vaccinations in select stores in California, Oregon, New York, South Carolina, Washington, and Puerto Rico. This list is expected to grow. You can find links to book covid-19 vaccinations at Costco stores here. Registration for covid vaccine appointments is consistent with CDC and State guidelines. Scheduling is managed by your local city, state or county.

Some states and counties have already begun vaccinating essential workers such as teachers, food service workers and first responders. Most states still remain focused on Coronavirus vaccines for all health care workers and staff and residents of long-term care facilities. After these groups, there is priority for age 65 and older. Within in any state, you may find that the Covid-19 vaccine tier eligibility will vary by county to some degree.

Booking Appointments for the Covid-19 Vaccine at Costco.
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Do I need to be a Costco Member to get the Covid-19 Vaccine at Costco Pharmacy?

No. Membership is not required to make an appointment or receive the Covid-19 vaccine at Costco Pharmacies.

Which Covid-19 Vaccine does Costco offer?

Generally, Costco Pharmacies are currently offering the Covid-19 Vaccine from Moderna. This is fluid and can change, you can find the most up to date information on Covid-19 Vaccinations at Costco here.

Can I make a Covid-19 appointment in-store at my local Costco Pharmacy?

You can check local availability and locations near you where you can book Covid-19 vaccine appointments at Costco here. Local Costco pharmacies are NOT handling any Covid-19 vaccine appointments, changes, etc. in-store. All Covid-19 Vaccine appointments must be made through your county or state appointment site.

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About the Moderna Vaccine from the CDC:

Name: mRNA-1273

Manufacturer: ModernaTX, Inc.

Type of vaccine: mRNA

Learn more about how COVID-19 vaccines work and get a better understanding of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

Number of shots: 2 shots, one month (28 days) apart

How given: Shot in the muscle of the upper arm

The Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine does not contain:

  • Eggs
  • Preservatives
  • Latex

Most common side effects of the Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine

In the arm where you got the shot:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Redness

Throughout the rest of your body:

  • Chills
  • Tiredness
  • Headache

Please note: This post does not constitute medical advice. We are not doctors and cannot make any recommendations for vaccine safety, patient suitability, or otherwise. You must consult your own doctor in order to make informed decisions. Please refer questions about the covid-19 vaccine at Costco to your doctor, Costco Pharmacy, the CDC or your the vaccine manufacturers. Thank you and be well!