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4 New 16 Inch Squishmallows at Costco

newest squishmallows at costco
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This week we found FOUR new 16 inch Squishmallows in-store at Costco! Right now in-store at Costco you can grab Carmelita, Carl, Bernardo and Jakkaria! These popular toys at Costco are just on time for the 2022 holidays – Squishmallows make great christmas gifts for kids and Squish collectors of all ages!

This colorful new bunch of adorable, squishable plush ‘Mallows is all new to Costco: Carmelita, Carl, Bernardo and Jakkaria!

16 Inch Squishmallows
New 16-Inch Squishmallows at Costco are a Top Holiday Gift for Kids in 2022!

Carmelita Squishmallows

Costco S'more Squishmallows Carmelita 16-Inch
Carmelita is a new S’mores Squishmallow at Costco!
  • Carmelita
  • S’more
  • S16 #683
  • Squishdate: 11.18.2020

Do you like manga? You should check out some of Carmelita’s work. She draws black and white mangia about school, her life, and adventures with her best friend cinnamon. Don’t worry about spilling any secrets; Carmelita uses code names for any juicy stuff.

Carl Squishmallows

Carl is a Cheeseburger Squishmallows – New at Costco!
  • Carl
  • Cheeseburger Squishmallows
  • S16 #450
  • Squishdate: 03.24.2020

Meet Carl. He loves practical jokes and hanging out with his Burger Bros.  When he was just a little ‘Mallow Patty, he dreamt of one day being the funniest cheeseburger in the pack.

Bernardo Squishmallows

  • Bernardo
  • Burrito Squishmallows
  • S16 #691
  • Squishdate: 11.20.2020

Are you ready for a spicy surprise? Be sure to catch Bernardo on the baby grand every Friday night. He sings and plays the piano, but with a little twist. He only sings in Spanish, and by the time the time you leave, you might sing in Spanish too!

Jakkaria Squishmallows

  • Jakarria
  • Burrito Squishmallows
  • S16 #942-2
  • Squishdate: 07.09.2021

Meet Jakarria. This ‘Mallow has a very big heart and brings joy wherever she goes. Jakarria has a big, beaming smile, and whenever you’re hanging out with Jakarria you can’t help but smile too.

16 Inch Squishmallows at Costco – Item Number & Price

Squishmallows 16″ Plush Assortment is Costco Item Number 953258 and cost $13.99 in-store.

Currently Carl, Jakarria, Bernardo and Carmelita are only available in-store at Costco, there are a number of other 16 inch Squishmallows available right now online at Costco.com.

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