4 New Costco Squishmallows March 2023

Right now in-store at Costco, you can find Raylor, Marshal, Maritza and Yareli Squishmallows! 


We love Raylor!! He's an Australian Sheperd, and he's adorable!!


Marshal is the music director and conductor of his city’s classical orchestra! How cool is that!


Yareli plans every moment of her day. She feels relaxed when knowing what’s happening next, and having a locked down routine helps make this possible.

Great gift idea for kids with anxiety!


Maritza has her sights set on equality for the Squad. From the Sealife Squad to the Fantasy Squad, she knows all ‘Mallows are equal, She wants to focus on treating “Mallows fairly when they move to a new place, especially if they are part of a new Squad.

Great gift idea for kids Easter Baskets!

12" Squish $12.99 Each In-Store at Costco!

Costco Squishmallows are a gift idea for kids Easter Baskets!