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We posted a few weeks back on Costco Valentine’s Roses with a reminder that today (2/9) was the last day to order…and just wanted to give you an update that there are now only 2 Costco Valentine’s floral arrangements left online at! Eeek! Don’t panic, yet. There are still Costco flower options in-store! Both roses and bouquets!

To see what flower arrangements are left ONLINE at Costco for Valentine’s Day delivery click here.

Ok, there are still options at Costco for great deals and gorgeous flowers in-store!

Costco Flower Options In-Store

Preserved Forever Roses at Costco

These gorgeous preserved roses are available both online and in-store – they last up to 1 year!

Forever Preserved Roses are Costco Item Number 1553923 and cost $139.99 in-store or $149.99 online with delivery. Each box contains 16 stems.

Preserved Roses at Costco for Valentine’s Day

$10 Deluxe Garden Bunches at Costco

There are a wide variety of fresh garden flower bouquets at Costco right now- almost every color and many work great for Valentine’s Day. They are a fair size for the price – but to pack some extra punch put two together 🙂

Deluxe Garden Bunches are Costco Item Number 970125 and cost $9.99 each.

Garden Flower Arrangements at Costco are $10 Each
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